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From whom I learned the tango. Tangomasters, and masters in the field of dance taken seriously.
Respect and love to their direction led me to mention a few words to them.


Pablo Veron - "- Tango is a dance of legs!"

It's no secret the name of the site is also symptomatic of a film TANGO LESSON. I recommend everyone to watch a movie, extremely inspiring effect. I was lucky enough to participate in some workshop, including the Danubiando tango festival.
A real progressive minded dance, the innovative spirit of people who are a perfect addition to the traditional tango tiller
and instructor. In my opinion, a perfect dancer. Study his website and look at the film, you will understand why he is my icon. www.pabloveron.net
László Budai - The Argentine Tango Dance Theatre Association President -HU
I could write so much, in fact, be unnecessary. I think the website you can find everything about him and it is important. Yet they point out the details that are important for me.
Tango Dancer / milongero / many questioned at the beginning of my career, whether I am His disciple? Why? Because he imitated, and still profess to have learned the technique stroll. The most Lacitól learned extremely enjoy the stage shows.
Countless sentence of advice I can recall, here are one or two:
"Tango is back to finding ourselves, finding a back-up role in driving by, and the deeper thoughts of the tango. Really should be between a man and a woman." / "Do not let your heart take me" / "Above the embrace, the technique down"
In my opinion, a very important work of the Tango Theatre - where the most I can stand on stage at times.
October Pest of the festival, a variety of balls (Christmas, Easter, and Pentecost). I too welcome these spun the laptop (DJ -ing) and those of the festive dance milongákon. www.budaitango.hu
Andras Szollosi - Tango y Alma - Bem community center - HU

With these thoughts together, and made common cause for many of us in many ways to a substantial me. Wednesday nights are held at Alma y Tango (Tango and soul), called milongas. Budapest's first and most prestigious milongas in the heart of the city Bem community center. St Andrew's in the 1930s, the golden age of tango nostalgia representative. Dance of the precision
I can see the playfulness and fun, which is very much exhausted. Also, I should mention that the milongájukon The atmosphere is fun and casual pair ritkítóan. Here are the words from the movie of Andras, which is his narration, starring in 2001.
 - Domingueando (Sunday Sunbathing) - 2001
"- There are some things which we learn, although it is impossible to teach them. As impossible as to forget once experienced.
But we have to live. Like the feeling when you start dancing in a room full of audience on the stage. Then, if for a moment, forgotten the best masters of movement and balance is established theories that for years we have learned. Compared to the long hours devoted to the practice of a professional dancer for a very short time due to fact that
spend in front of the audience. The stage at the moment of force is all that should be perfect. Nothing can be left to chance. A single false step or ill-timed speed may be the dividing line between success and failure. The dancers need to find a source that will allow you to over and over again in endless kitárulkozhasson ever-changing audience.
This source is called passion. And as the audience, bringing my passion for dancing has changed. This change is
brought the tango. "www.tangoyalma.hu


Kate - "Easy, easy, half the energy" - HU


Tango Theatre and also a member of the first dance partner, the traditional tango in my opinion, an amazing sense of dance. Taught me a lot of a lot that could slow down and curb unbridled energies. Excellent dance partner who advises
and comments of "you are" dancing.


Josiph and Johanna - HU

My studies arestarted under the wings of Johanna and Josip. They were the very first who made me really managed to dance with me. Basic tango steps and complicated figures, everything is at ease. They tango show including  acrobatic elements; technical experience. www.tangoargentino.hu


Vizi Tibor and Vizi Esther - Hungarian Folkdancers, leaders of Torekves Dance group


Well, not tango, but also dance. The tango dance awakened in me the desire to get to know
our own people live dance culture. Later notes about the relationship between dance and tango. Their upbringing and education supplies deaf, I find exemplary. Not only dance, and traditions are taught by young people, but also to provide education in human, lead by example. Let me cite an idea about dance in general:


"The dance of human society since time immemorial mnden usual action. Primary purpose was probably a ritual:
to appease the spirits of nature, or of death to accompany rituals. In common with other people, however, can easily lead to rhythmic motion a kind of loose, drunken state of mind. The dancing and fun were always arm in arm. "