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I have learned a few words of Hungarian tango community members, and I think can be more important events.

Danubiando Tango Festival
Main Organizer of Aaron Ecsedy. Tango Hungary creator and operator, it is very good organizational abilities tango. The Danubiando deservedly one of the most renowned tango festival in Central and Eastern Europe. The tango community unprecedented collaboration and joint working occurs in the festival context. The Tango Festival brings news of our country, our culture. pop art, traditions and nursing also appear at the festival, so that enlivened the cultural meetings.
Aaron was associated with a number of renowned Tango artists / including Godoy, Arce, Veron, Chicho, etc. .. Hungarian workshop, action. Here's the blog. http://tangodevla.wordpress.com/

Oktoberpest tango festivals, theater productions
László Budai - whom I know more about the menu and read ...

Wednesday milonga - TangoyAlma
Andrew and Andrea. Historically, the first and most cheerful mood milongas.
More on whom I ... read menu

Thursday Vármilongák summer - the best milongas at the foot of the castle, open to the sky.
From autumn to spring in different locations, Lado milonga, milonga and Pushkin used to be mainly Minima Longa Szeghalmi Endre and / Krynski organized by Konrad later. Minimalist Longa notices the name I mentioned earlier in my own story. Was jointly organized by Endre. Andrew is one of those with whom I shared the knowledge which milonga organized and dj-ing when I acquired. It is very important to mention the idea of ​​sustainable Milonga by Andrew said to me. Also associated with the name of the organization is the main English Flashmob tango. This community-strengthening effect and very good mood.

Friday used to be in milongak abrazo de la noche (EADN) operates in parallel with the milonga palabrassal sin (MSP). After the EADN team (which was one of the organizers) split the current MSP milongas in operation. Traditional music, but for my taste a lot of tango milonga and vals less tandával.

Sunday - Domingo Milonga
Carp Esther and Gaspar Laci operate the milongas are generally the Urania cinema cafe floor. The three best milongas said one, mainly because of the location of exceptional endowments.

Tuesday - Black Rose milongas Let's tango more information see the menu read.

I find it important to mention

Art Gallery milongas / summer seasonal milonga every Wednesday - open air milonga at Heroes Square
or DTM - Danube Tango Meeting