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So far, my experience dancing shortly:

1995-96 jazz ballet and modern dance, disco dancing
2001-2003 re-started studying dance, learning ballroom and Latin dances
In 2005, I started to deal with the tango.
The autumn of 2006 I was in a lot of training, 4-5 times a week, & workshops from local and foreign instructors
In 2008, tango workshop (advanced - stage preparatory trainings)
From 2009 several times on stage tango theater, organizing regular milongas and tango DJ-ing, teaching, practice, teaching tango
From 2010, further action on your arms and dance, small group training, wedding dances, graduation training, regular tangóest organization and DJing
2012, the Group launched Pilis Tango, Tango started Veszprém, the RosaNegra organizing milongas, tango dancers and such.: Margaret Island Open Air Theatre - Tango Theatre performances

My goals, my dreams:

Many others ingratiate the tango or shows, have fallen by up to tango. Many to teach tango, so that more people in the tango megérezhessék forming potential positive energies.
Create dance pieces, a real historical elements and roles, and tango dancers with acting.

A combination of dance and the tango, developing new characters like - English Tango / Tango Hungaroring - which is not the same in Eastern Europe of tango (Gipsy), but the combination of the two families and tango dance grafting. I do not want to create new dances, the tango but also to show tánckultúránk individual elements.

Me and my dance / long story

My parents were passionate young dancers in years, maybe I inherited a love for dance. However, this was not evident before the teens my age. Indeed! I remember botladozásaimra timid, and my fear of dancing and etiquette lessons. But something has caught it, but he could not unfold. Towards the end of the carbon black teen disco dancing, break, jazz and ballet serious cultivation, has been tested. Somehow, however, I could not find my place, I did not feel quite free. A few years later, the classic ballroom dance and Latin rhythms encountered after trying to tango. Instant love, I immediately grabbed the bittersweet mood and the relative freedom of movement. The inspiration is the first step occurred after a self-starting, as if a door had revealed to me. Immediately I felt that I need to learn at a high level, and to share with others. This is good for the human body and soul dance. Turned our world upside down will help you settle into place. Energie began to flow in one direction, I felt I'm in position. As a man, nature I am the good. To receive and to give. The tango has replaced a lot of things in my life. Tango is attached to the people I see viszonyaimban clearer, deeper significance of a word, gesture. The tango has helped to socially sensitive, to become a better person. My experience on the stage and served as inspiration for further milongákon. I also wanted to do something for humanity jobblétéért some random people approaching, and after teaching for a request, I realized not only love to dance the tango, but also to teach. I am convinced that working with people such as the tango, the relationship between man and man, like other dances, but because of the ongoing embrace very good for the body and mind.

Preface to come but after a detailed story Argentine Tango: 2005 - the entry-

Having started their inspiration nélkülözővé night when most places we went to great company and dancing at night. It was weird that I can not live in the same ecstasy (a very rockizásos dancing evenings) as a week before. At first I thought maybe last week was a different company, others danced. But I began to consciously pay attention. Emptiness I felt and I talked about this with colleagues and friends. Someone brought up the idea, the Argentine tango would try to be right for you creative, attractive and eye-catching enough (good) but close to each other in pairs dancing dancing.
Went back to what you just started it outperform other dancers, beautiful dance I wanted to know. I wanted to start dancing when they see my partner with whom we can learn together for nearly two years, everyone says it's so! I wanted to conquer, hearts and souls. About a half years I was a student of Josip and Johanna, and was at first an intermediate class beesni and enthusiastically stumble. Strange and difficult. It is very difficult, mainly because, although I do not remember clearly, I'm a boy backwards sacadát taught, which was pretty screwed up my hips. I never thought that one day this will be one of the most natural move for me. Of course, elkezdtuük basic level of training once a week, and slowly built into the steps. Here I observe, I'm keeping the tango as both had to leave my own steps,
her lead and move to the music, there was a lot, so it was hard to have to practice a lot.
He did not go, it's true, but interestingly, apart from the incredible excitement filled me every week when we went to class. Even then I would wonder that the Argentine tango is just learning how to turn off and refreshes everyday hectic life. The quiet in the noise of everyday life and a new world has been opened. It was strange and exciting than the other dance and / or prior életszakaszaimban not experienced this kind of feeling. And how in the beginning ... I was still on the cross and Ochoa captured the tango world of wrestling. I still lived in the original motivation for me, and that if I dance tango, everyone is astonished. But things changed and I was no longer the tango, I was tangóért.

My partner student's request, looked at the clock starting Fonó Laszlo. This is due to curiosity, and my partner had a closer location. Caught up in things.
Very surprised and quite a few after the debate to where you are, and they got used to the previous location other than that Laszlo and others have taught, and of course still the same. I realize there is the face of several tango. We continued our studies in the Fono and I think that was one point of entry, which became a milestone in the development of derived view.
Time went by, I went every week for more professions. more dancing partner. Began to accelerate its development. I saw some pieces on stage, and expressed a desire, I want to stand in the front row solo dance is life ... Weekend courses planks, almost every weekday evening hours, the elapsed ago weeks and months. I started to walk the tango workshop for education, then it's kind of haladóbbaknak hours or the preparatory stage was. Excellent team began to develop workshops, the participation of enthusiastic amateurs.
I became a member of the Argentine tango dance club. Neck of the tango, a lot of new faces around me, my multitude of people.
The Garage Tango Club prepared the facebook page of Budapest. Soon after the first entries in the workshop organized milongas, which was an outdoor, park next to the National Theatre. From DJ-tion dates from the history of tango. Since the choice of the DJ's something came up,
and canceled at the last minute, tango works good fellow, "did it" in the music. I liked the first moment.
Autodidact (had several botched tandem) over many months to figure out how to be a sufficient quality music milongára ​​edit a row, according to the type of the milonga. From the first moment they are impressed with the experiments, in which the dancers are not tangóztak tango musical styles and neo-tango nuevo music has attracted world. I really liked the fact that this system of Argentine tango movement, not only in the traditional tangózenékre be used. An infinite number of possibilities for derengtek horizon of my imagination. These dreams are stronger later forms. But to return to chronological order ...
I started exercising a lot while also organize regular milongas and these djz-ni. These are just some of the site or the milonga phrase name a few: Minimalist Longa, Antrim milongas, Bar Ladino Milonga, Gala Ball-s (Christmas, Easter, Pentecost) attack cafe milonga, El abrazo de La Noche milongas and RosaNegra milongas.
A number of charitable sort function I attended as a DJ and organizer / Halloven milongas of the Scottish church etc, or festive and free milonga organization is also executed: NOW milonga at Hotel Helia milongas, Millennium Park milonga, Tinnye őszköszöntő milongas, theatrical actions after the milonga and tangótáboros milongas.

Dj dj-ing and education: As a self-taught tango DJ, I've developed a system connection of tango music, which was later found on the Internet compared to similar studies in this direction, even if you do not find a match. Interested in some high Tango taught what I think about these works. Some of them are still occasionally if not regularly appear on the milongákon as a Dj. Some people really milongaszervezővé and has become a DJ.

In 2010, an old dream come true, dancing on dancing long after the preparation stage of the National Theatre as a dancer of tango theater. Well done and a new era for me as a tango dancer. Several had had other, full of tango, the tango dancing with túltelítődtem. For weeks I have not even tango. I've been thinking but also what you can begin. Born on the idea that an alternative path is further shown in my development. I began to learn folk dances. Was difficult and strange movements. But the music and dance of others was enough to inspire me to continue. Since I did not know anyone who is a committed and people danced tango would I choose. Dance harder firmer, less close to the contact. But still. Due to the different points. Of course, if culture is why I would choose the tango with others. as its own dance traditions for the world. As I mentioned earlier also expressed an idea, and that was the way by which it was carried on. Namely the mixing of music and dance. The choreography was a little earlier or a swallow-Stars on a track, which is the creator of the bench and the Badger band, but the band strips processed. Not only was the choreography of tango, but also modern dance. Since then, the two dances is dancing.

In the event that the tango is a dance partner milongán playful nature, sometimes sneaks in a folk dance observed on figure. Usually smile fakasztva partner.